Wedding Candle Favor Tin trio/Adventure Awaits , Love you More, I do//Wedding candle favors/Wedding candle tins


Adventure awaits is a gorgeous candle that stirs the soul inside as you look forward to the days ahead. Rich woody notes of oak and musk with a background of amber and vanilla, this is truly a beautiful candle. This candle is neither masculine nor feminine in nature but a perfect blend of both.

Our "I Do" smells like a beautiful wedding bouque. Top notes of Honeysuckle blended with hints of Jasmine and vanilla, it is bright and lively with just the right amount of softness and warmth. This candle is wonderful to burn at anytime of the year and is sure to return you to that fateful day when you said the words, "I DO".

Our Love you more candle is the perfect candle to give to your guests. It serves as a great reminder to love one another more and to try your best to out do each other in service and humility. Love you more is a blend of amber,sandalwood and vanilla and is such a great fragrance to burn in your home at anytime of the year.

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